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Listen what our customers are saying.  These are live testimonials from actual customers.  Click the play button to listen:

"I felt like I was walking on water.  Within about five minutes my feet began to feel less tired, less sore.  I feel like my feet are better off having these insoles.  I highly recommend this product."
Anna Worden - California

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love these inner soles.  It's just indescribable how much they have helped me.  I feel like a different person.  It's a pleasure to walk on them.  I will recommend you to all my friends."
Arlene - New Jersey

"I want to let everyone know that relief is in sight for for aching feet, sore legs, and a tired back.  Very thin, very comfortable, and great relief for long days on your feet.  Hands down I recommend everyone get one or two pair so they can experience the same relief I've been experiencing.  Thank you Foot Relief Insoles."
Author Chris Rogers - California


I have to tell you as soon as I bought these and I put them in my shoes my feet felt great and they did not hurt at the end of the day.  The padding is great.  I have been wearing them in my sneakers when I work out in the morning and I am very pleased with them.  It's amazing, I have no sore feet.  I highly recommend them."
Frances - California

"On my third day of the expo I found the Insoles, bought them, and I spent the fourth day pain free.  My knees were great, my feet had a spring in their step, and I am really happy to have these insoles.  Thanks so much for a great product."
Sheryl - California

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Have you already purchased a pair of Foot Relief Insoles?  Great!  We need your help!  We know many of our customers love our insoles and get hours of relief from pain associated with standing and walking, but many of our potential new customers have no idea what our insoles can do for them.

That is why we need your audio and video testimonials to help us spread the word.  Since you already know about the benefits of our product, we need you to tell us in your own words about the relief you get wearing our insoles!

Tell us about the experience you've had while wearing our insoles in either audio or video format, and if we use it on our website we will send you a free pair of insoles every year as long as we continue to use your live testimony!  This offer is limited to the first 50 audio and first 50 video testimonials we select so submit yours today!

Follow the instructions to the right to upload your video or call in your testimony.  For better odds submit both.  We will only select one video or one audio testimony per person.

Upon selecting your audio or video testimonial we may edit the final version to remove any pauses, dead space, or misleading statements.

Once your audio or video has been selected we will send you a release form before airing your testimony or sending your free insoles.

When calling in or taping your testimonial please say the following information:

  • Your First Name and State.

  • Where Did You Purchase The Insoles?

  • How Long You Have Been Wearing Them?

  • What Type of Pain Do / Did You Have?

  • How Have The Insoles Helped You?

Submit Audio Testimony:

Call 1-(951)-263-2030

After you call in your audio testimony you will need to fill out our customer support form so we can match your audio to your mailing information.  Click Here after you call in your audio testimony.

Submit Video Testimony:

Record your video testimonial using your video camera or personal web cam and upload it to your computer.  Next use the browse button below to find the video and then hit submit.

After you submit your video testimony you will be directed to our customer support form.  Fill out the form so we can match your video to your mailing information.

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