One & Two Year Warranty

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Read This First:
 Please wait 10-14 days after sending us your defective insoles before contacting customer service in order to ensure sufficient time for replacement.

No cash refunds after 30 days.  (See 30 day money back guarantee below)

Refund and size exchange is only good for insoles that have not been worn.  Foot Relief shoe insoles absorb moisture and perspiration therefore are considered a personal wear item and no refunds will be given for insoles that have signs of wear.

Please include a return address with all transactions.

Important:  Most customer support issues regarding defective insoles can be resolved by sending both insoles along with the original package and copy of your sales receipt to the address on the inside of the insole package which is also the warranty card.

If you have lost the original package and/or the original sales receipt, please contact customer service by clicking here.  Fill out the form the link takes you to and we will respond with additional warranty support.

Foot Relief Liquid Filled Shoe Insoles come with a standard one year warranty against defects.  Your one year warranty starts from the date written on your insole package.  At any time during the first year of wear you experience a loss of fluid send both insoles along with your original package and copy of your sales receipt to the address below.  To extend your warranty to two years at no additional cost registration is required.  Follow the instructions on the inside of your insole package to activate the second year warranty.

To avoid paying full retail after the first year of wear, do not discard damaged or worn insoles.    After the one or two year warranty periods you may trade-In damaged insoles for replacement by sending your original package, your damaged or worn insoles, and $24.95 + $3.95 shipping and handling to the address on the inside of your insole package.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any time before the 30th day from the date of purchase written on the back side of your insole package you are not fully satisfied with Foot Relief Insoles, send them to us for a full refund of the retail price you paid minus shipping.  Shipping costs will not be refunded.  Your 30 day money back guarantee starts on the purchase date written on the back of your insole package.

In order to receive a refund of any kind, your returned insoles must be postmarked no later than 30 days from the purchase date on the back of your original insole package.

To receive a full refund of the retail price you paid please send both insoles, your original package, a copy of your original sales receipt if you have it, and your return address to the address on the inside of your insole package.

Insoles returned for refund within the 30 day money back guarantee period without the following items will not be honored.
1. Both insoles in new condition
2. The original package with unaltered purchase date
3. A return address

Additional Information:

Foot Relief Insoles values your business.  Keeping our customers satisfied is our only mission.  We are constantly improving the quality of our liquid filled shoe insoles.  We believe we have achieved the most comfortable feel and durability among all liquid and gel filled shoe insoles on the market today.  Listen to our customer testimonials to hear what our customers are saying.

Foot Relief Insoles is a company that believes producing and delivering a quality product to the consumer is the only way to ensure our companies success, however, as with any personal wear product, the way each customer uses our insoles can result in varying lengths of product life.

Foot Relief Insoles cannot accurately foresee how each customer will wear or use our insoles which makes impossible to determine the exact lifespan of our product.  This is why we continue to provide one of the best warranties in the world for our shoe insoles.   Our full one year warranty and two year extended warranty option will be there in the rare case you ever need to use it (less than 1/4 of 1%).  Unlike some companies, Foot Relief Insoles intends to make you a customer for life and we hope our commitment to service will have you saying "where have you been all my life".

Thank You,

Foot Relief Insoles Staff

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